3.19 %
Change 24h
October 8, 2014
Market Cap
$ 1,832,240
Volume 24h
$ 3350.5
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
The Crown chain is launched in 2014 and has now evolved into an open source Proof of Stake (PoS) block chain protocol that provides a distributed consensus system. Crown MNPOS' secure protocol is unique in that it uses a new concept called pile indicators and overcomes known attack vectors in consensus mechanisms. In its current use Crown is a global financial platform accessible to all connected in a global network from which transactions are managed and carried out through a communication channel (MN nodes) and through its software connected to the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MN Masternodes provide a unique cold picketing solution that allows you to receive the "network reward" to generate regular revenue per intelligent staking system currently supported. Its protocol operation makes it possible to drastically reduce the costs associated with the power consumption problems currently encountered with existing public and private blockchain protocols. Crown requires much less electricity to operate. Crown supports an innovative communicative community approach through its CDGP (Crown Decentralized Governance Proposal) system that allows the community to be fully involved through user-generated proposals. In addition, the legal compliance and transparency of its decentralized governance model. Crown is auditable and operates in a secure execution environment with very low transaction costs. Ultimately, the Crown platform is moving in the right direction and will have the scalable objective of operating as a one-way solution to provide a useful set of programmable infrastructure components for management, deployment, planning for developers, individuals and businesses and for designing simple or complex applications independently, directly within Crown's secure network.
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