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July 18, 2018
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$KNT Knekted is a platform for the future of information based on blockchain technology, revolutionizing the business of trading information, leaks, multimedia material and original content made by creators from all over the world which could be acquired by large corporations, presses, governments and all kinds of organizations who base their business model on information. Investors can use $KNT Token as a currency for the trading of all types of information that can be considered valuable, $KNT is based on the Ethereum ECR-20 standard and has all the advantages that it has offers, such as: -One of the most popular and powerful Blockchain in the world. -Easy storage in any Ethereum Wallet. -Smart Contracts in each operation inside the app. -Private transactions on a 100% confidential system. -Wallet with instant conversion from $KNT to $ETH and vice versa. -Low cost transfers to any exchange or ethereum adress.
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