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QURA GLOBAL Ecosphere, a vibrant global ecosystem for information and value exchange to gain maximum benefit for all the key participants in the blockchain industry. We present four key platforms to facilitate high-quality interactions between user- to-user and user-to-blockchain related assets, which are shown below: The frst platform is the Qura Information Terminal, a news and analysis outlet which delivers users time-sensentive and accurate information feeds along with comprehensive analysis of the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market, allowing the users to have a better grasp of the blockchain industry as a whole and make better investment decision accordingly. The second platform is the Qura Asset Management Platform (CAMP), a regulatory compliant asset management platform that connects professional investment teams to legal sources of stable funding. It also provides potential investment channels for individual investors. A wide range of investment strategies are available, along with assistance in portfolio management, for investors to gain a high return on investment.