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Simply Cryptocurrency aims to educate, empower and engage with the masses by creating a digital video hub that is cultivated for the sake of catering to minorities. Its purpose is to aid in bringing about mass adoption of cryptocurrency technologies as a whole by educating, empowering and engaging with communities. Simply Cryptocurrency is an educational platform that will empower underserved communities, specifically people of color. With a spending power of $1.3 trillion dollars, African Americans make up a small fraction of the cryptocurrency market. Why? It stems from the mystique of cryptocurrency and the fact that many deem it too complex. Due to the masses not seeing the value of the technology, along with people of color not having content that caters to them, they will not see the value which in turn means that the cryptocurrency market, with all of its tools and protocols, will never see mass adoption. Simply Cryptocurrency aims to change that narrative by launching culturally relevant digital courses for the sake of scaling the global cryptocurrency market by welcoming people of color, not simply making them assimilate to the status quo.
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